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"Prayer for my son, aged 5" and "The singular" - Lauren Suchenski

Prayer for my son, aged 5

this candle you hold in the

waxy residue between

me and you

Still holds light

this rampart of the day folding

at the crease on the horizon ;

the purple hue of sunlight

dripping through the strands

of your hair

this light - no light brighter

than your tiny hands,

your bubble-guppy eyes

gulping the sunrise like medicine

this little wish we make together;

that our hands will always fit inside one another’s

that your body,

when it grows out of fitting inside my lap

will race the sun as fast as the wind

will let you /

And that you will let me

stand in the billow

of the breeze you will blow;

watch as the rays filter out of your hands

to make what

only you can make

The singular

the singular hue mixed ;

burnished crimson + aquamarine I

put my hands inside of the face of the

future I let them fumble ageless-ly with the door key

I let my fossilized bones name myself ;

Tyrannosaur ; tyrant ; troublesome

I carve my back into an arch violent

enough the spark a fire

I let the chill thrill through the air

for just a minute longer

before I let the boundless

grace of spring sing through the rivers

of the sky I trace myself towards the

everlasting outline of the new gods

The firm Herculean rapture of something

waiting to be born

I fever discover the Rattle-bones

of the new season / only the daffodil scent

of the new day / only a field of wide-eyed endlessness

looking towards the horizon

once again a passport of crouched dandelion

whispering a song of plated

hieroglyphs no one can teach you

when you look and you see the

reflection of the grass staring back at you

no one but anyone will be reborn again the

way that this Earth will be reborn again and everyone always will follow

Lauren Suchenski has a difficult relationship with punctuation and currently lives in Yardley, PA. She has been nominated twice for the Pushcart Prize, three times for The Best of the Net and her chapbook “Full of Ears and Eyes Am I” is available from Finishing Line Press. You can find more of her writing on Instagram @lauren_suchenski or on Twitter @laurensuchenski.

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