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"Stand, Wallflower" and "Spilled Lavender" - Kim Fahner

Stand, Wallflower

This heart stands wallflower,

propped up in a corner,

hands behind its back,

up on its toes, curious

and hesitant, hopeful

but always lost.

And longing is a star

that can’t be caught

as it’s falling because

this isn’t meant for you,

even as a new moon begins—

slivers itself high above water.

This heart stands wallflower,

dusty and tired, its bare feet

on a northern dock, next to a lake,

up on its toes, leaning forward,

wondering what comes next,

water lapping, loon call.

Spilled Lavender


feels like something shattered,

flowers fallen to the floor.

Glass from a tall vase,

swept up carefully

the night before.


in morning, your bare feet

step on spilled lavender.

The room smells of love

and loss, all at once.

Kim Fahner lives, writes, and teaches in Sudbury, Ontario. She was Greater Sudbury's fourth poet laureate (2016-18) and was the first woman appointed to the role. Her latest book of poems is These Wings (Pedlar Press, 2019). Kim is a member of the League of Canadian Poets and is the Ontario Representative for The Writers' Union of Canada. She's also a supporting member of the Playwrights' Guild of Canada. She is currently working on a new play, as well as her next book of poems. She may be reached through her author website at

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